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The copyright/Trademark rights:
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Items exempt of liability:
No protection for the accuracy, usefulness, reliability and other contents related to the content of this Website, our Company does not take any responsibility for the losses incurred by the use of this Website. You may change or discontinue use of the content or management of the website without any prior notice.
Page links:
Can link pages based on the conditions of use and regulations on Web pages. However, page links are not allowed in the following cases:
•    Acts causing or likely to cause damage, detrimental to our Company, Group’s subsidiary companies or related companies.
•    Behavior damaging our company’s or related Group’s subsidiary companies’ credit/value.
•    All other acts evaluated as inappropriate.

Protection of personal information motto:
Protection of personal information is a very important issue. BEMAC Corporation is always interested in the appropriate management of personal information in business. In the spirit of social responsibility, we would like all members, employees and related persons to have knowledge of and to understand the personal information protection motto, and provide some regulations for the protection of personal information as below:
1.    Collecting/using/providing personal information
Manage the security of personal information from customers during the business process, by establishing policies on the protection and management of personal information, providing internal regulations related to the collection and use of the personal information collected and strictly follow these regulations.
2.    Corrective policy responses ensuring the safety of personal information
Beyond the implementation of activities aimed at educating all employees about the importance of protecting personal information we provide corrective policy responses related to illegally accessed personal information and prevent acts causing loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, ensuring the safety and accuracy of personal information. In the case of complex issues arising, we will promptly implement the corrective policy.
3.    Compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information
Guiding documents relating to personal information will be appropriately managed in compliance with Japan's ordinances.
4.    The measures corresponding to complaints and negotiations related to personal information
Our company will settle promptly with regard to legitimate requests, related complaints and negotiation of personal information.
5.    Continuous improvement
Our company establishes or applies regulations aimed at maintaining appropriate, periodical inspections, revision and continuous improvement in terms of the protection of personal information when conducting activities above.
Use of personal information
1.  Capture and use of personal information
The Company uses personal information for the following purposes
•    Perform transactional contracts
•    Aim to engage in the business management
•    Verify the operation of the administrative and accounting related to staff
•    Confirm the operation when conducting recruitment of candidates selected
•    Other purposes after receiving the consent of the person himself
2. Supply and bailment
The company will provide and bail for the Group’s subsidiary companies to the necessary extent to achieve the intention, but except for special cases prescribed by law, the Company will not provide and bail the third party without the consent of the person themselves.
3. Safety Management
For personal information, it is necessary to take measures to ensure absolute safety with strict management.
4. The reciprocal measures related to deployment, modification or suppression of  personal information
The Company has the right to disclosure requirements for personal information stored. Where there are deviations for personal information, the Company may request editing or omission.
In the case of disclosure requirements when the modifying or omitting of personal information is requested by the persons themselves, the Company will proceed promptly to conform to the legitimate requirements.
5. Contact
Contact through our “HR information transaction window” when you have any complaint, request to discuss about items in relation to the publication, edition, removal and use/provision/bailment of personal information.
6. The manager
The manager of the personal information protection Hirokazu Ono (Head of HR)